Sales Funnels

3 Conversion Stages of Successful Content Marketing Funnels

Chances are you are doing this wrong… How successful would you be trying to hit a moving target with the wrong weapon? Like deer hunting with a rock? Shooting clay pigeons with a slingshot? Or wild boar hunting with a fishing pole? Well in today’s environment marketing online is much more difficult. Converting the skeptical and untrusting […]

7 Proven Conversion Hacks For Your WordPress Website

If you aren’t testing these you are losing revenue… Kudos to WordPress for creating such an easy tool that business owners across the globe are using their easy drag-and-drop interface to create professional online storefronts in minutes. Unfortunately, the flip side is that many business owners are creating websites that don’t convert website clicks into […]

9 Letters That Guarantee More Profit in Your Company

I gotta admit–I’m a bit of a numbers guy. I love everything about them. The logic…the precision…the black-and-white, no-gray-area aspect. Needless to say, I was a favorite of all my math instructors in school. So when I started creating and building my online businesses, the numbers were always a top priority for me. If things […]

How To Turn a Losing Offer Into a Profit Center

Most of the time, based on the answers I hear from customers, I can pin-point the biggest problem with their sales funnel inability to convert almost immediately. But this one had me a little befuddled… First of all, these guys are totally legit. They’re among the biggest traffic drivers in the online supplement business today, and have […]

Mobile Marketing Here to Stay or Gone Tomorrow?

At this point in 2014 most of us can’t imagine conducting our lives without our mobile phone in hand. We use it for everything – banking, shopping, reading, watching videos, responding to emails, keeping connected with our friends and family through social media. And that’s all by noon! So it’s only natural that advertisers are […]

Are you Making These Mistakes With Your Sales Funnel?

There’s a problem with Internet Marketing. It’s rampant. It’s called… “The Sales Funnel.” If you look at it from both sides of the coin you’ll see its flaws. And what’s scary is that you may be falling into these clear traps yourself and leaving money on the table as a result. 1.  Your Clients Are […]

Why “Trip Wires” Might Be Killing Your Highest Paying Sales

You’ve heard the term. Trip wire. Front-end. Low-ticket offer.  Whatever you call it, this is a classic direct response marketing principle that leverages the concept of “buyer momentum.” The objective… Get the prospect to buy something – anything — first. The hope is because the buyer makes the initial decision to purchase that trust is implied […]

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