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Twitter is among the many different social media sites that give businesses access to advertise on their platforms. As it keeps growing, there are now over 400 million tweets sent per day, presenting a large opportunity to get your business in front of new audiences.

But what if you’re struggling between Twitter ads and some other platform? There are some added benefits that can make Twitter an appealing place to target that new audience you have wanted to break into.

First and foremost, the interaction with the ads is more involved than on other sites. Users are able to actually tweet/reply, “@”, the advertisements themselves, click on the links from both mobile and desktop, and re-tweet the ad to their followers (allowing for greater visibility and more interactions through a single user).

And more specifically, if you are aiming to get your brand new followers, get noticed or promote an item/sale/offer, Twitter can be of great assistance in your marketing campaign.

If more followers are your main goal, Twitter offers promoted accounts. They do it in such a way, that your account will show up on the side bar (underneath ‘Who To Follow’) with a ‘follow’ button underneath it, in front of relevant users to your brand or business. This process is done through ad targeting, getting you more quality followers to your page.

Beyond a promoted account on Twitter, you also have the ability to promote your own tweets individually. This will help businesses accomplish brand awareness, along with gaining potential new customers. These will appear within the regular Twitter feed most people see when logging into the social media platform, and will be pushed to the top of their feed.

If a user expands your tweet, Twitter has allows for a call-to-action button and a picture to be placed within the ad, giving businesses the ability to capture leads, and recommend special offers through the tweet’s content.

Going along with getting new followers and increasing brand awareness, Twitter allows you to promote an event, giveaway or push an important topic to your business through promoted trends. On the left hand side bar, Twitter will place your hash tag in the ‘what’s trending’ area of their site for 24 hours.

If you are looking for some ad targeting metrics, Twitter offers a variety of options; for example, followers. If you put in a users name, you can target and track the amount of reach you are getting to similar people to that specific users followers, similar results can be achieved through interests ranging from sports to music and beyond. Additionally, you can target gender, geography and specific devices or platforms.

Another feature that comes with advertising on Twitter, is the ability to see real time what your analytics are looking like, and allow you to go in an adjust any marketing strategies based upon the facts. This includes everything from re-tweets to replies and new follows.

One disadvantage to take into consideration before proceeding with your Twitter campaign, is the amount of content already presenting itself to users on the platform.

For example, if you promote a tweet or an ad through Twitter, users could be less likely to interact, engage or pay attention to it with all of the other tweets steaming through their feed. This can make it a challenge, so really make sure you are creating the most engaging content and putting your best offers out there to garner the attention and recognition needed for successful campaigns.

Finally, one other disadvantage of the social media platform is the ability for it to produce ads that are, at times, unrelated to specific search items entered. This can make it a bit of a game not knowing if your ads are being displayed properly all the time, or visa versa if you are the one putting in the keywords.

Generally speaking, Twitter is a great way to stay in the loop and on top of social media trends. It is a well recognized platform that continues to grow daily, making it easy for search engines to pick up on your business and for users of the platform to engage personally with your brand.

With Twitter, you have real time analytics and an easy way to gather attention to your website and Twitter profile. On the downside, it’s good to take into consideration the amount of content that is already being pushed to users, making your content not stick out as frequently as on another site.

Twitter is good for helping small to mid-sized business get the attention they need to drive new traffic to their website, while providing larger businesses more awareness to their overall strategic campaigns.