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You’ve heard the term. Trip wire. Front-end. Low-ticket offer. 

Whatever you call it, this is a classic direct response marketing principle that leverages the concept of “buyer momentum.”

The objective…

Get the prospect to buy something – anything — first.

The hope is because the buyer makes the initial decision to purchase that trust is implied and it is then easier for that visitor to continue to spend money though the sales funnel.

Chances are you’ve very familiar with the concept.

$7 offer leads to a $47 up-sell that leads to a $297 back-end product which eventually leads to a consulting call.

At least that – or some variation of – is the standard model followed by several Internet Marketing companies today.

And yes, it’s much easier to sell a $7 special report than a $7,000 consulting contract to a new prospect.

However, have you ever considered that there may be a downside collecting those low paying customers?

Or perhaps, is that $7 offer a turn off for the high-ticket buyer who is actively seeking your expertise and does not have the time or desire to “move up the ladder” in someone’s funnel?

In fact, I’ve seen that there are very qualified prospects who are very savvy to marketing funnels and have no desire to invest time to digest courses and walk through multiple products.

Instead, this ideal client is busy in their own business and just needs an expert’s assistance. Moreover, they are willing, happy, and grateful to pay a premium for their help.

If you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, or service provider are you turning off your biggest prospects?

The other downside of the “trip wire” model is that the content creator continually has to create new low-priced products the excite prospects.

The trouble here is that constantly creating new “trip wire” products often leads to cannibalizing premium content trying to keep up demand, and also falling victim to your expertise being seen as a fad topic without shelf life.

Essentially, you become a commodity with no differentiating unique quality. You’re seen as a “me too” marketer following the trends of the rest of the market. I’m sure you’d agree that’s NOT the position you want to be in – especially if you know you deserve the highest fees for your efforts and expertise. There is another way.

It’s focused on delivering the most exceptional experience and service to your clients while respecting highest and best use of your energy and time. This method allows you to simplify your efforts (no more complicated sales funnels and all the chaos involved). Instead, you get more qualified prospects and higher-ticket sales. It starts with your Authority Report.

This is your first impression that delivers the solution to your prospects biggest challenges without holding back. You’re offering this information readily without hesitation. And you do this to prove you’re an authority with the necessary expertise and skill-sets to be the only logical solution to fix their situation and be the answer to their biggest heartaches or problems.

keyYour Authority Report is your beacon of light that draws your perfect, ideal client.

The best part is you’re not constantly chasing low-ticket buyers with new information. As your system evolves, you update your Authority Report – but you’re not constantly chasing the next big thing offering the new bright shiny object.

As a result, your Authority Report attracts only the highest qualified prospects who are ready to do business with you, pay you premium fees, are the easiest and most fun to work with, and get results!

If you want to discover more about putting your own Authority Report into action, CLICK HERE and let’s set up a strategy session to maximize your funnel!