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You may be surprised to know that the length of your squeeze page can make a huge difference to conversions. Some people feel strongly that a short squeeze page is best, but long squeeze pages can perform better in certain situations.

Short Squeeze Pages

Short squeeze pages actually do perform better in many cases. You may be tempted to think that “more is better”, but when it comes to squeeze pages, short and sweet is usually the better option.

When all you’re asking for is an email address, and you’re not depending on Google (which isn’t fond of short squeeze pages) for traffic, a short-form squeeze page will generally outperform a longer squeeze page by a large margin.

Long Squeeze Pages

Long squeeze pages are required if you’re trying to get a lot of traffic from Google, especially AdWords. They want to see a long squeeze page with your logo, information about what you’re offering and a lot more.

Video Squeeze Pages

Video squeeze pages are increasingly popular these days, because they can be very effective in many niches, and because they allow you to pack a powerful punch in terms of impact. Videos convey information very effectively, and now that most people have fast internet, they make more sense than ever before.

When creating a video squeeze page, you want to have a minimalistic design. If a design is too fancy, it will overwhelm the video and distract attention away from it, negating the power of the video itself. Instead, use a design that has few graphics and where the colors complement the video without distracting from it.

Many people use a dark background for videos, because it makes the video stand out. However, be sure the text elements on the page are still easy to read, perhaps by putting them on a white background. One easy way to do this is by making the opt-in form appear to be on an index card, piece of paper, post-it note, or other similar element. Otherwise, you may want to make the entire page on a white background.

Remember, you won’t need a lot of text if you have a video. All you’ll really need is a call-to-action that asks people to subscribe and tells them why they should, along with your privacy statement.