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The way we market on Facebook to acquire customers has done a complete 180 from a year ago. Yet, it amazes me to see people doing the exact same things and then being upset when their accounts get shut down.

Facebook wants its ‘USERS’ to have a great experience when they hangout online and not be bombarded with misleading ads that lead to squeeze pages with a headline and email only opt-in.

For example, if you tell them they are going to see a video, send them to the video. If they have to register for your content, use copy that lets them assume they have to register to get it.

This is one simple change that so many marketers are resisting, which automatically puts you on the Purge List.

What is going on right now is no different then the good ‘ole Google Slap a few years back. And back then, those who changed continued to reap the rewards and those who did not were eliminated.

What one do you want to do – Change or be eliminated?

If you choose to adapt to the changing environment then read on. I will do my best to outline our plan for your survival on one of the most lucrative marketing platforms for businesses.

The first realization we had a while ago after digging into our data was that the ‘digital path’ our best customers are taking before they trust us to be a source of information.

Add that to the desire of Facebook wanting a better experience for their USERS then a bunch of ads leading to squeeze pages and you clearly see the writing on the wall.

This shift in customer behaviors and Facebook’s recent direct marketing purge led to some big changes for our clients and us.

It started by changing our Digital Marketing Footprint to match our best clients steps.

Most importantly, we noticed their Digital Path followed one of two ways.

Digital Path 1: We started first by modeling the path for leads that became clients the fastest and it looks like this…

Facebook Ad > Blog Pain Post > Lead Magnet > LMD w/ Offer > Authority Ascension Follow Up > Offer

In a perfect world our marketing would end there, but we learned a lot of great clients took a different digital path.

It wasn’t necessarily because they didn’t like the information. It just wasn’t the right time for them to move forward and they require a few more touches to make their decision.

Digital Path 2: By knowing they would continue to search for answers we had to broaden our Footprint and use a strategic remarketing campaign that reached multiple Marketing Channels.

When they left our site after be introduced to us, our content, and our initial lead magnets we delivered our Authority Ascension Follow Up through remarketing instead of email follow up.

Remarketing (Google I Facebook) > Lead magnet > Report > Case Study > Offer > More Pain Posts > Offer

The Authority Ascension follow up marketing with remarketing ads proved to be a huge breakthrough for you to able to build credibility, trust, and acquire more great clients.

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The big focus over the last year that has kept our clients and us from being part of the Facebook purge are:

Creating an online authority presence with valuable content being delivered with a multi-channel marketing strategy

Make your content compelling, so you engage and capture prospects looking to solve the problem you can address.

Give that prospect relevant information that nurtures, cultivates, educates, and maintains brand awareness – until they are ready to buy.