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There is nothing worse than knowing people visit your website and behave as if they were to buy something, only to then leave and not actually spend their money or take action. You probably want to have a brand that follows these people around, so that when they come to the point that they actually do want to make that purchase, they remember that it was on your site. You need to stay ahead of the competition. Customers no longer simply buy something, but rather do all the necessary research, comparing the various businesses before making a decision. As a result, you will probably use various types of marketing. This helps you to get consumers to come to your website, but it doesn’t guarantee they will also contact you. Your ultimate goal should be to not lose any business by getting lost in the crowd. You need to continue to reach your customers so that they come back to you when they have done their own research.

Introducing Re-Marketing

Through re-marketing, you will once again capture the interest of people that have already shown they are interested in your company, because they have visited your site in the past. Whether they came straight to you, found you through social media sites or through search engines doesn’t matter. This way, you will make sure that once that consumer thinks they are ready to buy whatever product or service they were researching, they will remember your website rather than anybody else’s.

How Re-Marketing Works

Through re-marketing, you will drop a cookie on the browser of your visitor. A cookie gives you an opportunity to track how the person behaves on the internet. Hence, when they surf the net, they are able to track what else they do online. Within a 60 day time period (60 days is generally the recommended time period), an ad will be placed in front of these customers as often as possible. This means you need to build partnerships with other networks. The internet is a big place, but finding around 20 networks that have a good presence should be enough for you. You then build relationships with these, advertising for them if they advertise for you.

Benefits of Re-Marketing

You may wonder what the benefits really are to show advertisements to those that have been to your site. The question is fair, but consider traditional advertising for a minute. Remember billboards and television? These have always been classed as good ways of advertising, but buying air time is hugely expensive and the results are often not very big, particularly for an online business. Also, by using traditional forms of advertising, you are exposing your product to thousands of people who will never have any intention of actually purchasing what you offer. Let’s say, for instance, that you run a weight loss clinic. If you pay for a billboard, you are paying for exposure to obese people, but also to people who have no need, nor will they ever have a need, for your service. This means you actually waste quite a lot of money. Sure, you may get a few leads out of the billboard that you may otherwise not have gotten, but essentially you are throwing money away.

Through re-marketing, however, you will build an awareness of your brand. It does this in the same way as traditional advertising, but in a far more targeted way. Consumers who have never expressed an interest in your product will be totally ignored, using only those people whom you know the interest is there.

Also, by using the process of re-marketing, your business stays on the mind of your consumers. They have thousands of businesses to choose from, which is why people do their research first, since this will help them find the best value for money. Through re-marketing, your business will stay fresh on your customers’ mind, influencing their decision when they go from the researching phase on to the purchasing phase. More often than not, people make their eventual decision based on a brand that they actually recognize. It is for this reason that people would go to ”Budget” or ”Hertz” if they want to rent a car, because those are names they recognize. If you don’t advertise properly and don’t get recommended either, you may as well give up on your ventures. Through re-marketing, you will build that brand that other people recognize, driving traffic to your site and your overall business, increasing profits at the end of the process.