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Many business owners become quite frustrated if their website traffic is slow to nonexistent, and often scramble to find a solution. There is no magic switch to flip that will immediately drive traffic to your website, unless you opt for a pay-per-click advertising campaign. In order to receive a steady stream of organic website traffic make sure that you implement these simple six tips.

1. Make Sure Your On-Page Optimization is PerfectDaily Worth

You have probably heard about search engine optimization (SEO) a million times, but do your know what it really consists of? Many business owners think that is simply includes building links, but that is just a small part of it. Your on-page optimization is a very important piece of your online success. Some small businesses in less competitive industries can see amazing organic rankings simply by having a website that has perfect on-page optimization. Read our definitive on-page optimization guide to learn how to properly optimize your on-page elements.

2. Is Your Website Responsive? Does it Provide a Good User Experience?

Mobile traffic is increasing daily with so many consumers turning to their smart phones (and even tablet devices) when they perform a search query. If your website is displayed in the search results and receives a visitor on a mobile device will they be able to easily navigate your website? Or will they become frustrated and click back and find a competitor that has an easy to navigate site?

If your website design isn’t responsive (adapts to fit any screen size) you are potentially missing out on valuable website traffic. The amount of mobile and tablet users is going to continue to grow so make sure that your website is prepared to provide a good user experience to everyone that visits.

3. Be Sure to Publish Frequent Blog Content

You want to keep your blog updated on a frequent basis for two reasons. First, it gives people a reason to come back to your website. Keep putting out quality content that your audience feels is informative and they will continue to return. This is a great way to build up a steady flow of repeat website traffic. Second, the search engines love websites that are updated often. When they notice that your website is being updated with fresh content on a regular basis they will begin to crawl your site frequently. This results in your blog posts becoming indexed quickly and being shown in the search results.

4. Include Your Keywords in Your Blog Content

In order for consumers to find your website in the search results your website needs to be displayed for the keyword or search term they enter in the search engine. You should have a list of keywords you are targeting that are likely to bring “buyers” to your website.

There will always be the obvious keywords, but a great way to attract additional traffic to your website is by uncovering long tail keywords to target. Make sure that you are using your target keywords in your blog content. As your content production increases and becomes consistent the search engines will index it quickly and it will drive additional visitors to your website.

5. Answer Common Questions in Your Blog Posts

Identify common questions and or concerns that your target consumer has about the product or service that your business provides. If they are common questions it is likely that people are actively searching for the answer to these questions. Creating blog posts that not only answer these questions, but also show up in the search results will benefit your business greatly.

You will attract additional website traffic by doing this and the consumers that find your website through these posts will feel confident in your product or service because you have already answered their questions. This builds the kind of trust that results in sales and customer acquisition.

6. Become a Voice on Social Media

Stay connected within your industry via social media and don’t be afraid to reach out to your potential customers by answering their questions and providing a solution. Our culture is extremely social and very responsive to social interaction.

Monitor the popular social media outlets and interact with your target audience. Don’t do sales pitches via social media, but if you are willing to interact and answer questions you will notice that it will drive traffic to your website. For example, you could search twitter and identify hash tags that are related to your product or service and begin to interact. Yes, this can be a time consuming process, but it will bring in high quality traffic to your website.

These simple fundamental tips can help you increase the traffic on your website. As your website traffic increases it creates a snowball effect. Intrigue your website traffic and you will gain more leads, which then convert into sales that become supporters of your brand. It all starts with website traffic.