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Let’s take a few minutes to focus on making the most of the traffic you have by building the highest converting opt-in form/squeeze page possible. The goal of any opt-in marketing campaign is to get as many email subscribers as possible. This requires making the most out of the traffic you have, however little or much that is. Fortunately, even if you get very little traffic to your opt-in form, you can maximize your conversions in order to get more subscribers with the same amount of traffic. These tweaks have the potential to greatly increase your conversion rate, potentially doubling, tripling or more the subscribers you get from the same amount of traffic.

Testing & Tweaking

One critical thing to remember is that no particular opt-in trick is going to work for 100% of people. Different types of traffic respond better to different elements. What works for someone in the weight loss niche may not work for someone in the golf niche or the knitting niche. Blog traffic may respond better to one element, while traffic to social media accounts may respond better to something completely different. This is where the importance of testing and tweaking comes to light.

It doesn’t really matter if you choose to use software to do a split test or you do it manually. What matters is making changes until your conversions increase significantly.

There are three major things to test and tweak, but several different elements for each one. These three main categories are:

Testing these elements will allow you to improve your conversions significantly.