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Paid Traffic Campaigns

Online paid advertising is an essential tool in today’s marketing strategy. Paid traffic campaigns are some of the most effective ways to launch your brand or product to the next level.

Each type of paid advertising offers unique tools and insights to your current customers as well as potential buyers. The size of your company, budget, and goals can help dictate which paid advertising strategy is right for your business.

View all of our paid advertising services below:

PPC Management

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a great way to get started in increasing brand awareness, sales, and leads quickly. The advantage to PPC is you can easily view campaign results in real-time data and make adjustments to improve conversion rate and reduce cost per lead quickly. Driving paid search ads to custom landing pages we create is a great way to grow your brand and leads in a tangible way.

Twitter Ad Campaign

One of the most unique aspects of Twitter ads is that a single user can interact with your brand in several different ways: replies, retweets, direct messages and links clicked. All touch points help increase brand awareness and visibility on the user’s feed. Twitter ad campaigns also offers promoted users and trends that get your handle and hashtag in front of people even if they aren’t followers.

Facebook Paid Ads

Running Facebook ads are proven to be successful and gives companies the opportunity to really hone in their specific target market. Since Facebook feeds get cluttered, it is crucial to be thoughtful about how you engage your customer. Offering relevant content or offers exclusive to Facebook fans helps drive unique visitors directly to your site. We’ll help you put the best actionable content in front of the right people with our facebook paid ads services.


Some paid campaigns are more useful when trying to lure back lost customers. For example, re-marketing techniques allows you to get ads in front of customers no matter what site they are browsing. Every digital user leaves a digital footprint making it easy to track lost customer’s behavior and tailor ads and products to their habits.

No matter the industry, if your customer is an internet user, paid traffic campaigns and advertising on social media are a fundamental component to your online marketing strategy.