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Conversion Funnels

Anyone that is trying to sell a product, whether it is for the first time or for the hundredth time, how you are converting potential consumers to customers (your sales lead funnel) is your number one focus. There are many different strategies to creating successful sales funnel conversions that keep customers coming back over and over again.  

There are three basic questions every marketer should ask themselves when testing their conversion funnels:

  1. What is your potential customer’s’ first impression?
  2. How are you showing your potential customer you have the solution for their problem?
  3. How are you treating your customer after they have made a purchase?

Sales and marketing are both cyclical processes and taking the time to polish each step will not only pack your funnels, but keep them full. The first impression a potential customer formulates of your brand and product will set their expectation and opinion.

From the copy on your ads, to your landing pages, to your call-to-actions, the first interaction someone has with your brand should be educational and entertaining.

If the impression is good, they will likely stay on your page longer, giving you a better chance of a sale. Alternatively, if the potential customer is having a hard time reading your content, or your message doesn’t speak to them, the chance of converting them to a sale drastically decreases. Getting the consumer engaged from the beginning translates a website visit to a lead conversion. Every consumer is buying a product to satisfy a need or solve a problem.

Making sure you are clearly communicating the solution entices the lead to turn into a sale. Get the most out of your sales funnel process with Optimized Assets.