At Optimized Assets, we focus on Marketing Fusion, which is a very strategic process that makes sure you maximize your results. It is a full circle marketing system that leverages all Digital Mediums. – Nate Kennedy
 This is the discovery process where we learn as much as we can about your business vision and your marketing goals. We go through all of your past and present videos, content, and marketing materials to get a feel for “your voice” and your relationship with your customer list. Once we’ve learned everything we can from the Discovery Phase, we start to ‘map’ out your strategic marketing system. When we are done, you will have an actionable plan – complete with detailed blueprint. This blueprint becomes your living, breathing Process Map that grows and adjust as your business grows.
Having a marketing plan does you absolutely nothing unless you take it LIVE.  During this stage we are focused on bringing the concept to reality with designs that convert, technology that works, and tracking that measures. These 3  components must work together efficiently or else you wasted your time. First, our Designers will bring your vision to life with Web Concepts that are proven to convert visitors into customers.  Second, our certified technology managers will automate your marketing processes to work when you don’t. Third, our tracking guru will make sure all your marketing dollars are accounted for, so you can spend, measure, and never waste money again.
This is when all the preparation and development finally turn into a Reality.  During this Phase, we focus on getting you New & Better Clients leveraging your marketing fusion system. We will turn on the Digital Traffic Sources that you need to acquire New Customers on a daily basis.  Simply put, this is where you start generating more revenue.
 This is where the fun begins. The previous phases have prepared us for this point. You now have a sales process that converts leads into customers automatically. The challenge from here on out is to optimize your sales funnel to maximize your results. We do this by split testing components to find winners and finding traffic sources that match your specific offer. Small increases in conversions leads to massive profit windfalls for your company.
  • Automated Sales Funnels

    Automated Sales Funnels

    An Automated Marketing System is complete when you have it generating unlimited targeted leads that get filtered through a lead capture process, followed up on with automatically, builds your brand, and generates you sales. It works 24/7!
  • Designs That Convert

    Designs That Convert

    Next to referrals and word of mouth, your website is your most valuable sales and marketing tool.  For most businesses, it’s their number one lead generator. In today’s internet environment having a website is not enough. You need an online system that portrays the right message to your ideal customer.
  • Measurable Results

    Measurable Results

    It is imperative to understand your Numbers when spending your money on generating new clients. Some lead sources work and some do not, so being able to measure your results allows you to maximize your marketing money to generate the most possible clients for least possible acquisition cost.
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