How To Attract The Desperate Home-Sellers In your Town!

Any Real Estate Investor worth their salt knows profits ​are made on the BUY. Doing deals is a whole lot easier when you attract 2-3 "beyond motivated" leads every day. Desperate homeowners willing to sell you their house for 30%... 40%... even 50% below market price. Here's how:

"In Philadelphia, It's Worth Fifty Bucks."

Ever see the 1983 movie "Trading Places" starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd? Ackroyd's character fell on hard times. He lost all his money, his home, even his Fiance. He had ZERO dollars. Desperate for cash, he goes into a pawn shop and tries to hock his only asset- the expensive watch he was wearing.

Singularly unique, sculptured in design, hand-crafted in Switzerland, and water resistant to three atmospheres​. This is THE sports watch of the '80s. Six thousand, nine hundred and fifty five dollars retail! "  

The guy behind the counter examines the watch... claims the watch is stolen. Then he offers him $50 for it.

In an attempt to educate the pawnshop owner, Ackroyd's character responds... It tells time simultaneously in Monte Carlo Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Rome, Gstaad!"

The guy behind the counter, in response, says the famous line...

"In Philadelphia, It's Worth Fifty Bucks."

FIFTY BUCKS! It retailed for $6,950! But Ackroyd is so desperate for the immediate cash... he takes the fifty bucks.

Wouldn't it be nice to find properties like that? I mean, sure you may have came across one or two deals like that in your REI career. You talk about them all the time. You tell your buddies... "Remember that house on Elm? I made $300,000. Man, I wish deals like that came every day."

Well... you can stop dreaming. Those "desperados" are still out there. ​Here's how to find them using SKILL instead of LUCK. ​Desperados- people who need to unload properties immediately... and for steep discounts. Divorce... foreclosure... the death of a family member... a burdensome rental property. 

There are many reasons why people let properties go far too cheap.   My job is to you in position where these desperate people in your town call you.

No Prospecting

Put an end to prospecting. These desperate homeowners will get a hold of you. They reach out first. You're not the one calling them or leaving them fliers in their mailbox.

Handing out business cards? You can throw them away. 

This "unusual" technique has the property owners making the first step.  I'll get to that in a bit.  But first...

Who Am I?

My name is Nate Kennedy. That name ​probably​ doesn't ring a bell. ​Maybe​ it does. But if it doesn't, I've closed over 1000 real estate transactions since 2002. Over 1000 deals. 

That's a lot of real estate. For comparison, 

Tarik and Christina flipped just 150 houses. Yes- the stars of Flip Or Flop. 150 houses as of September, 2019. Would you agree if I've closed over 1000 deals... it's safe to say, I've learned a thing or two over those past 1000 deals and 17+ years? 

Of course, the answer to that is YES. 

Oh... I also wrote a best-selling book on Real Estate. 

Let me tell you how I can help you find beyond motivated sellers. And in the process, show you how to become a local "go-to" celebrity with Celebrity Effect training.

Meth-heads make the best customers.

My friend owns a local coin shop. He buys and sells gold, silver, and collectible coins. 

Every few days someone 20-something will come in looking to unload all their silver coins. Maybe over the past 20-something years, his grandparents gave him a coin. Here and there - probably on birthdays and Christmas. 

Who knows. 

All we do know is that judging from his appearance, he's most likely on drugs. He needs his next fix. He's desperate. All he cares about is getting high. He doesn't even know what coins he has. 

My friend throws them a lowball offer and most of the time they take it. In Philadelphia, it's worth fifty bucks. He says those meth-heads make the best customers. The profits ​are made​ on the buy- banked on the sell.

I repeat... Profits ​are made​ on the buy- banked on the sell.

If you want to survive in the Real Estate business... you have to know the cardinal rule. 

Profits ​are made​ on the BUY. ​Just​ like stocks. 

Warren Buffet likes to buy stocks when there's "blood in the streets". You can't make BIG money buying stocks at their fair retail price. 

Same with Real Estate. 

You cannot make REAL money buying at market or even close to market value. You have to be able to steal homes. 

Deals so good you want to get the paperwork signed as soon as possible. 

Then run from the closing table before they realize what they ​just​ did. That's how you make SERIOUS money in Real Estate. But how do you find these desperate homeowners?

One single ad brought 490 VIRGIN leads last month alone.

Scoop up killer leads where your competition isn't. The last thing you want to do is deal with homeowners who have ​been hammered​ to death from other RE investors. 

You want virgin leads. 

People who are not on the MLS. 

People who haven't ​been hounded by flippers for months. 

People not "hip" to what they have. 

No. Those kinds of leads never pan out. 

You want virgin leads... and during my training... you'll know how to separate the wheat from the chaff and collect leads that pan out. 

The average residential flip in the U.S. produces on average a profit of $63,000. Using an unusual technique, I'll help you find 2-3 deals you wouldn't ​normally​ have every month.

Steady Flow

Sure, a below-market deal is great. But you can't get rich doing one deal here... one deal there. 

You need a constant flow of qualified and serious leads. I'm talking like a few leads per DAY. So many, that you sometimes pass them on to an associate for a referral fee or a wholesale deal. 

Getting paid for doing nothing. 

You keep only the best, cream of the crop deals for yourself. Using a special kind of Facebook post... you can get as many local leads as you want.

FULL-TIME Employment

There are many part-time RE investors who would love to do deals full time. 

But the deal flow is so little, it keeps them at their "W2" job. 

A steady flow of qualified leads could create full-time work. And with the predictability of a paycheck. 

Only add another ZERO to the end! 

Make your own hours. Be in control of your life. 


Hardly... as long as you have the Facebook post "hunting" for you... there's always going to be new, fresh homeowners seeing those ads and filling out the website form.

Make it easier for your investor(s) to say YES.

When there's plenty of meat on the bones... investors are more likely to invest in your deals. 

There's more room for error when a property ​is picked​ up for a pittance. 

If profits are slim... the risk for investors goes up. 

When there's high risk... or even the usual levels of risk... it can be difficult to get investors to say YES. 

BUT and this is a big but... 

When homes can be bought at such a deep discount... investors are much more likely to say YES to finance your deal. 

And after you make them money once... they'll be hounding YOU to see if there are any more deals they can fund. When there's a steady flow of qualified leads and investors more than willing... this entire REI thing is a piece of cake

And it's FUN!

My Real Estate Celebrity Effect training is necessary.

It doesn't matter if you've been in Real Estate for decades or for weeks. 

It doesn't matter if you've flipped one house or 100. 

If you're a seasoned professional... the first half-hour of the training may be a refresher for you. 

If you're a beginner... maybe someone who hasn't even flipped a single property... I've made it simple for you. 

You'll receive plug and play ads... 

Plug and play websites... 

Plug and play targeting guidelines. 

You'd have to try ​really​ hard to mess this up. And if you ever get snagged on something... ​just​ hit me up. 

I'll be here to guide you to the promised land.

Want to become ​an authority in real estate? Here's how:

When your "unique" posts are running on Facebook... homeowners will ​automatically think of you as a semi-celebrity. 

They'll see your Facebook ads over and over again (with retargeting)... and assume you're the main guy to call. 

They'll discount the sleazy guys putting flyers in their mailbox... business cards in their screen doors... calling them on the phone.

 Not you... they'll treat you with respect when they're contacting YOU and not the other way around.

Want to get off-the-market properties?

FSBOs are getting tons of calls from people like you. Their mailboxes ​are stuffed​ with direct mail as well. 

Who wants to deal with competition? 

That's only gonna result in one thing... and that's a higher price for you. 

Remember... the higher the "buy" price... the worse the profits are gonna be... and the harder it's gonna be to get an investor. 

So you want to attract off-the-market homeowners. This is the main secret you're going to master if we work together.

Get homeowners to reach out to you.

Want to get properties for deep discounts? 

Well reaching out to homeowners is the worst technique to do that. The last thing you want to do is be reaching out to homeowners asking them if they want to sell. 

You want to attract people who already know they need to sell and FAST! 

When these leads are reaching out to you... they're coming to you for help. That changes the entire paradigm. It puts you in the position of power.

No direct mail... cold calls... network meetings.

God, there's nothing worse than picking up the phone and cold calling a FSBO. 

Even worse - hounding someone in foreclosure. These people don't want to hear from you. They can be rude. They can be downright nasty. 

Hell... they can cuss at you. 

Cheesy networking meetings are ​just​ as bad. 

Direct mail can get costly... 75-cents or so per letter sent. 

And when just 1 out of 1000 actually respond... that one lead actually costs $750. My method makes beyond motivated sellers reach out to you. And each lead can cost $20... maybe $30. 

You can't get any better than that.

Why do homeowners give houses away sometimes?

Nobody knows what situations homeowners find themselves in. 

A husband could have been caught cheating and they are now headed for divorce. 

They could have lost their job and can no longer afford their home... and it's either foreclosure or sell to you. 

Maybe a family member has died. 

It could be a parent's old home that has been neglected for decades. 

The last thing the kids want to do is rehab the house to make it "salable". NO. Passing home inspection? LOL. They inherited it- so it was free to them. They'd rather dump it cheap. 

And do you know who they're gonna call? YOU.

Facebook is not ​just​ for fun and keeping in touch with friends.

It’s actually a phenomenal place to find leads. 

Don't doubt me. 

There are advertisers spending 7-figures each month. Instagram as well. 

And what makes Facebook so powerful is the way you can target prospects. You can target specific groups of people... in specific locations with laser-like precision. 

What are the best "interests" to target? Don't sweat it, I'll tell you them inside the training. This way there's no guesswork. 

You can ​just​ plug and play the interests I reveal to you in my 7-figure Facebook ad-spend. I've made it almost foolproof for you. And don't think this needs to cost thousands of dollars to do. 

You can get leads from Facebook for as little as $10 a day. $100 tops!

Two choices:

1. Book a call with my team too fast track your results. 

2. Spend your own $1,000,000 figuring out what works and what doesn't. Take a look at the image below. I've spent over a million bucks on this. You get to see all my findings for under fifty bucks.

Extract BEYOND motivated sellers in ANY market.
Start receiving qualified leads within the next 2-3 days.
Increase lead qualification 66% using this one tip.
No-brainer "meat-on-the-bones" wholesaling.
My 4-Step system zaps the stress from your REI business.

Do you call BS? Keep reading!

Tested website “funnel” templates included! Copy them!

You may not be a pro copywriter. Most people aren't "wordsmiths". 

Not even me. I hire pro copywriters to write my websites. 

A decent copywriter will charge $1 per word. So, if your website has 1000 words... he's gonna want $1000 ​just​ to write the words for you. Well... here's how to make this system better than free. 

I'll give you proven, tested website templates... with all the professional copy... and I'll give this to you FREE if we work together. Better yet, my team will even build it out for you. 

This website copy will get desperate homeowners to give you their contact information. 

They actually want you to contact them and lowball them! It would cost you $2,500 or so to have a website like this done for you. 

You can copy it word-for-word... for free.

Tested Facebook ads included! Cut and Paste!

And how do you drive people to your website? 

Simple... you use Facebook and Instagram ads. 

And guess what? 

I'll give you cut-and-paste ads you can use word-for-word. These tested and proven ads WORK... and boy do they work! 

You'll find fresh leads in your email box every day. And not ​just​ weirdos looking for too much money. 

The website copy and ads you'll receive weed out all the unrealistic people... and ​just​ attract the people you want. 

The kind of people that would let their $6,950 watch go for $50. Those are the kind of people who make your REI career easy. 

With proven ads and websites... it's kinda hard to mess this up. ​Just​ run them word-for-word.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Look... I don't expect you to believe a word I'm saying on this website. 

You're ​just​ going off hope. ​

Hope​ the ads and website you can copy bring motivated sellers to your doorstep. 

Hope​ that the Real Estate Celebrity Effect training can unearth new techniques. Ones you've never tried. ​

Hope​ that your REI business is more fun to run and less stressful. So, let's keep hope alive. Book a call with my team and me, so we can get you all the details and implement this into your business.

You'll fill out a form and then book a call time that works for you. 

Ask all the questions you want and if this doesn't take your REI business to a new level... I don't want your money. ​

Run the proven ads. Use the proven website copy. 

If there's not a steady flow of beyond motivated sellers reaching out to you... I don't deserve to be rewarded. Period. 

Think about it: I gotta be at least half right to give a money-back guarantee? 

If I were full of crap... I'd say no refunds.


The Price

If a deal typically profits $63,000... getting 1 more deal per month would value this training in the 5-figures, no? 

I mean, of course, you wouldn't pay that much... but it would be worth it, yes? 

And what about the website templates with all the copy done for you? That would be worth a grand or so, yes? 

Of course. 

Especially if it ​is proven to work. And what about the free ads you'll receive? These ads are "motivated seller magnets". 

Those ads would be worth a grand or so as well. 

If you do nothing with this Real Estate Celebrity Effect training... the ads and websites alone are worth 4-figures. 

And if you USE them and they work for you, it's worth hundreds of thousands- if not millions in newfound profits. 

And remember this. If you go through our entire process and are not impressed.. it costs nothing. 

But if you do unearth some new, never-before-used techniques... all you invest is one hour of your time to learn more. 

Yes we do have an investment to DO IT ALL FOR YOU, but I don't want you to pay that all upfront.

No... in an effort to establish some trust between us - I'll do this: 

Don't pay the full fee upfront.

You'll have access to the system. 

You’ll get access to the entire training. 

My team will set everything up for you.

Plus my proven Facebook ads (that you can copy) and the complete website (which you can also copy). 

Yeah... I'm giving you the proven website designs and ads! 

Try them out. 

If they don't work... don't pay the rest. 

If they do work... you send me (on your own merit) a check for the balance - but only after you close your first $10K deal from this. 

No rush... try everything out. 

Take a month... two months... whenever. 

So to recap... you schedule a call by going here. 

You'll receive a call from my team or me to give you the full details. If you decide it's the right time you get the ads, the websites and the detailed targeting criteria all done for you. 

The last 3 can be worth a million bucks to the right person. Question is, are you the right person?

Why am I evening doing this?

I’m going to be honest with you. 

I hope it doesn’t turn you off. 

But there’s a method to my madness. 

I’m looking to train you to “attract” below-market deals. Not just a few here and there... but an abundance. 

So many potential deals, there’s no way you could ever do them all yourself. What I’m hoping is for you to send me a few deals here and there. 

Wholesale a few deals to me and I’ll pay you $5000... $10,000... maybe even more for the right properties. 

I am always in the market for a killer wholesale deal. So if you find yourself knee-deep in more deals than you can handle... wholesale the run-off to me! 

I’ll pay at bare-bones minimum $5000 right off the bat.

A Warning

One thing you've got to promise me. And no fingers crossing either! 

The techniques, the websites and the ads will attract sellers like bees to honey. 

All I ask is you do not take advantage of them too ​badly​. I mean sure, you need to buy far below market to realize a profit- that's the name of the game. 

BUT... don't take it too far- for ethical reasons. 

A little old lady... doesn't know any better... if $115,000 is the offer and it's a $200,000 house fine. 

If you offer her $60,000, sure she may take it... but do you want to make money THAT bad? 

Do as you wish... just humor me at least... be fair.

In conclusion

The Real Estate Celebrity Effect is a Unique Program. We give you all the resources and tools. Plus, we set the entire thing up for you, while coaching you along the way.

I'll show you how to use Facebook and Instagram to dominate your market. And at the same time, put your “competition” to shame. 

This is the Social Media opportunity that your competition is not using. You can use it to grow your business, brand, and network.

You'll discover how to position yourself as the go-to person in your market. How to get first access to profitable deals. How to get introduced to investors with big money. Money that they want you to “play with” (aka private lenders)
I'll show you how to extract motivated sellers in ANY market hot or cold with the greatest profits. If you're not doing this you’re missing out on some of the BIGGEST deals of your life.
And finally, how to build a "Deal Finding Army" that brings you all their best leads. This will close more deals and reduce your workload.
Plus, you’ll get my marketing assets. By assets, I mean the landing page copy, ad templates, etc. to remove all the guesswork (and all the leg work).

Two Choices

1. You can do nothing. Click off this page and forget the whole thing. You're not the "right" person.


2. You can sign up for the Real Estate Celebrity Effect Strategy Call Now.  

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